11 incredible experiences that will make you want to pack up and move to the Romblon Province, Philippines

Getting here can be a challenge but once arrived, you’ll be rewarded 10 times over by the fact that the land is still largely untouched by tourism so you’ll get an authentic Philippine experience. You’ll meet friendly locals, swim beneath crisp waterfalls, take day trips to far away islands, cliff jump, snorkel and watch the sun set over boundless bodies of water whilst never having to fight off crowds. That’s right, no crowds… yet. So get in quick before it becomes the next Boracay, El Nido or Coron!

The Romblon province is a part of the Visayas – the central geographical division of the Philippines made up of three larger islands; Tablas, Romblon and Sibuyan as well as 17 smaller islands. The smaller islands can be visited by arranging private tours which we definitely recommend. The larger islands are serviced by *regular ferry services on irregular days that can change at the drop of a hat. Our advice is to just wing it and allow one day per transport leg, but if that isn’t enough certainty for you, you can find more info in our post ‘Getting Around The Romblon and Palawan Islands’.

If you’re already sold on a Romblon holiday and want to leave the logistics til later then let us tell you about the experiences that will make you want to pack your bags and live here forever. Let’s go!


1. Walk the majestic Cresta De Gallo sand bar.

There will always be those places that instantly take your breath away. Cresta De Gallo is definitely one of those! Its a decent 1hr private boat trip off the southern coast of Sibuyan but landing on an almost private island with nothing but calm gatorade blue waters in every direction, free to roam, swim and enjoy as you see fit under the warm Philippine sun is an experience you’ll never forget.

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2. Watch the sun set at Bon Bon Beach, Romblon Island.

Bon Bon is Romblon’s most infamous and Insta-famous shore line due to the snaking sand bar that weaves its way through the shallow water and out to a private island. The water on either side of the bar is crystal clear and you’ll even see the odd star fish or two. The sun sets over the Northern mountains of Tablas island which throw AH-MAH-ZING reflections over the water. So basically, you need to spend at least one night on Romblon island to give yourself time to experience the magic first hand.

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3. Enjoy the vistas of Aglicay Beach Resort, Tablas Island

If theres one thing the Philippines do well, its their plentiful beaches with soft; almost white sand. Aglicay is no exception. The beach has a large shoreline and the water is FULL of starfish and sea urchins which you can wander around and explore. Out of the water, there’s a short hike that leads to an incredible viewpoint where you can sit beneath a small bench/shelter and take it all in. The best thing… we were the only ones there for over 3 hours. Talk about tranquility!

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4. Hammock chill at Talipassak beach, Romblon Island

Talipassak is a small beach accessed via the San Pedro Resort. Its a nice coastal ride about 15-20 minutes past Bon Bon. There’s picnic tables and hammocks lined along the back of the shore which for us always sets the scene for a casual laid back afternoon. Theres a cafe at the resort that offers a variety of food and drinks which is a bonus for travellers like us who don’t always carry food on us.

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5. Soak in the rays on Cobrador beach, Cobrador Island

Cobrador is one of the three islands visited in the day tour out of Romblon. It was our first stop and because there wasn’t a lot to go an explore we took the opportunity to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. It was a great way to ease ourselves into what was about to be a big day. No FOMO, no regrets.

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6. Snorkel in the private cove of Tinaoog Resort, Alad Island

Ok so, I’m not entirely sure if this is something thats specifically open to the public but I don’t see there being a problem if you arrange with the owners prior. Alad Island is another stop on Romblon island hopping tour and Tinaoog is a completely eco-designed resort with its own private beach and snorkel area. Oh, and all of their food is delicious and made to order. So If I were you I would get in touch and pre organise a delicious lunch stop over.

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7. Cliff jump at Marakay Marakay Island, Cobrador

Even if your not a cliff jumping fan, when you come across a teeny tiny little rock island poking out of the most turquoise-blue water you’ve ever seen with a purpose built diving board and stair case, you begin to reconsider. Plus how many people do you know that can honestly say they’ve cliff jumped a island? Not many, if any.

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8. Explore or Enjoy the peace of Logbon Beach

Logbon is made up of sweeping beaches, an inland grove of palms and a large ridge that makes its way up the spine of the island toward the Northern end. Along the Eastern coast you’ll find Logbon’s own sandbar that is often overshadowed by its bigger brother, Bon Bon. You can go explore this or do what we did and find a patch of sand on comfortable gradient to listen to the small waves wash upon the shore.

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9. Re-fuel at Big Chief, Romblon Island

After a big day of island hopping you’ll want something substantial to refuel your body for upcoming adventures and whats a better slow burning energy source than carbs? Pizza and Beer it is! Until September 2018, there were really only 3 main dining choices for tourists on the main land of Romblon, but now there’s also Big Chief. So head in, have a feed and tell Anne Jackie and Zade said hi.

10. Swim with the locals at Catingas River, Sibuyan Island

Before visiting you’ll read about the plentiful waterfalls on the island, but upon arrival you’ll quickly learn that Catingas is the preferred swimming spot of the locals. Its a quick flowing stream of fresh, clear and cold water that runs down from the mountains. There are shallow areas to float around as well as a wooden structure used as an artificial cliff jump into a hole that is said to be 6m deep. Apparently theres even a waterfall further upstream but we didn’t have a chance to check that out.

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11. Find the hidden Dagubdub Falls, Sibuyan Island

Why is it that whenever something is difficult to reach, its more enjoyable? Oh yes, its because you get to enjoy the area all to yourself, taking in the sights and sounds of the natural landscape as they are. This spot boasts two amazing natural plunge pools filled with crystal clear water and a bed of river stones each with their own cliff jump areas. BUT, first you’ll have to get there. We would definitely recommend a local guide and one who isn’t afraid to ask other locals for directions because there aren’t any signs and I’m pretty sure you cross through multiple private properties so going alone would just be disrespectful.

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