COME SEE Dagubdub Falls, Sibuyan Island. Philippines.


REGION: San Fernando, Sibuyan Island

ACCESSIBILITY: Open to the public 24-7 | Arrive by hired bike, scooter or car

BEST TIME TO VISIT: During the cool season (Oct – Feb) | Temp ranging from around 21 – 32 degrees

LOCATION: 30 min drive from San Fernando town | Open in Google Maps

WALKING DISTANCE: 15 min walk to reach the falls

TIME REQUIRED: 1 – 2 hours

TOURIST RATING: Not well known to tourists! When we visited, it was only us and two young local boys there.

COST: Free if you find your own way there



We had heard that Sibuyan Island had quite a few impressive waterfalls so we set out on an adventure to find them! Our accommodation in Sibuyan was a guest house next to the house of the owners, a German man and his Filipina wife. It was actually the worst experience we’ve had at an accommodation ever. Without going into too much detail, the man was greedy, selfish and just plain rude the whole time. Bad vibes were on lock! ANYWAY we asked the wife about getting a tricycle to these waterfalls and she came back and told us if we paid her, the husband would take us. We agreed on 3 different waterfalls and she said it would be 600 php in total. We were happy with that so off we went the next day to explore!

On the way they randomly pulled over and a young girl jumped in. ‘Hi, I’m Joanne. I’m going to be your guide…’ she said awkwardly. She was a family friend of the wife and looked as though she was begged to come along so she could speak English to us as their English was very broken. Dagubdub Falls was the second falls we had visited on this day and it was definitely the highlight of the two!

Initially getting there can seem a little difficult as there isn’t much signage at all but one of the best things about the Philippines is that the locals are SO friendly and willing to help anyone in need! So we pulled over and asked these two young boys if they knew the way. Just a few minutes later the two boys hopped on their scooter and told us to follow them there! so selfless and helpful.


When we arrived at the furthest point before there’s no car access we noticed it was a very natural, non touristy waterfall which was interesting to see considering we came from Bali where the waterfalls were usually pretty packed and touristy. We crossed two rivers and a few fields to get to the falls. Totally worth it. Pristine blue water, one of the cleanest and clearest waterfalls we’d ever seen.


As soon as we got there, we stripped off and got straight in. Refreshing was an understatement! There were two young local boys that were hanging out there, jumping off the rock cliffs. I asked him if he could take me up there so i could jump off, so we got all the way up to the jumping spot and of course i chickened out!! these boys were maybe 10 years old and here’s me a 23 year old that was too scared to jump off a 3 meter drop hahahaha. We decided to check out the pool above and realized there would probably be many more above that as well. It was so calm and beautiful. The water wasn’t too cold either, bonus points! This was definitely the kinda place to bring a packed lunch and spend the day.



Before we knew it, it was time to visit the next last waterfall for the day! Until…. On the way back we stopped at a small store to grab a drink and that’s when the wife came over to us and told us if we wanted to continue, it would be 800 php’. Bumping the price for no reason. (This had been one of the many times already that they had tried to bump the costs of things) We were getting sick of the attitude anyway so we just told them we wouldn’t continue. Later that night we decided we would leave a day early to get out of that place.

That’s all a part of traveling though, you’ll meet all kinds of souls. Some you’ll resonate with, some you may feel the need to get away from! Thankfully out of the 3 and a half months – this was the only occasion to experience this. It wont stop us from traveling. We take situations like that, as a sign to strengthen our ability to block out bad vibes!




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