COME SEE Resolute Track, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, Sydney NSW. Australia.


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Spring – Autumn
1 – 2 hours +
500m return to West Head Beach | 1km return to Resolute Beach.


Ku-ring-gai Chase being the wide size of 149.8 km², we only just skimmed the surface of this beauty – but what a delightful skim it was. We decided to take the Resolute Track which typically starts from the Resolute Picnic Area. As we were approaching, we noticed the parking was packed, so we drove a further 850m down the road to West Head Lookout. We found a park on the side of the road and started our walk from there. The walk includes Resolute and West Head beaches and the option of a side trip to Mackerel Beach as well. We began by taking the 250m/20min walk down to West Head Beach.

Ima be real with y’all, the track wasn’t exactly an easy, breezy stroll through the forest and out to a beach. Whilst lush and beautiful, it steep and a little riskay at some stages BUT from past experience, we can tell you that 90% of the more difficult journeys have always lead to the most beautiful, secluded spaces. Similar to journeys encountered in life… BIG FACTS.

First sight for sore eyes was the lookout. Wide open sea and views of Lion Island to the left and Barenjoey Lighthouse to the right. There was quite a few boats out enjoyed the nice weather too. About 5 minutes along the track we found a natural viewing platform on a large rock which was sight for sore eyes number two!

A little further on, we noticed someone had scratched the Aboriginal flag into a large rock wall. We discovered via LonleyPlanet that Ku-ring-gai, first declared in 1894, was named after is original inhabitants which were the Guringai people. Horrifically, just after colonization, they were all wiped out by violence at the hands of settlers and the devastating beginning of smallpox. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

One thing we admired about this track was the variation. One minute your wandering in what seemed like the midst of a jungle then suddenly stepping out to a horizon of beautiful blue sea and looking down on a quiet nook beach. Seeing that clear water before our eyes was something special. After not seeing the sea for around two months, we couldn’t be happier.

We walked down a skinny staircase, put our feet in the sand then found a big rock to chill on for a while. Just as we were ready for a swim, we realized we had forgotten Jackie’s swimmers all the way back at the van. Yikes. We decided to head back up the stairs where i waited while Jackie made the long trek back up the steep stairs. It was a must! As i was waiting by the stairs West Head Beach, i loved hearing/seeing everyone’s reactions as they came out and saw the beach through the trees. It was like we had all been in the same boat. Stuck in ISO, craving the sea and sun! Made me stop and think just how lucky we are to live in Australia.

Around 30 minutes later a puffed out Jackie appears. Ok! now we are ready for a swim. On to the next beach please!! Away we went, walking an extra 500m/20mins which took us to Resolute Beach. Luckily the path to the second beach was a lot less hilly and more cliff side. In some slimmer areas, we had to really watch were we stepped but we love a little thrill. Passing a small waterfall and some more stairs we finally made it! Swimmers on and lay out to catch some rays.

I was adamant that i wanted to go for a swim but i after laying in the warm sun my body wasn’t down with the idea of freezing water so i got up to my hips and back into the sun i went! 5 minutes later i was asleep! Jackie on the other hand was well and truly ready for a swim. i got woken up by my darling saying “BABE! I JUST STEPPED ON A STINGRAY” which i totally believed because i too have stepped on one back in Adelaide.

We’ve established that sea creatures and Jackie don’t mix. She claims they “seek her out because she’s scared of them” hahaha. To be fair, she’s been stung by a rather big jellyfish in Adelaide which probably doesn’t help the fear! She told me that when she stepped on “it” she started panic swimming and a lady holding her baby nearby swiftly lifted her baby from the water and looked at Jackie anxiously. “I just stepped on something and it wasn’t sand!” says a worried Jackie. The lady looked at her with relief, continues bobbing her baby in the water and says “Oh don’t worry it was probably just a sting ray”. Each to their own i guess! Overall thoughts… if you’re looking for a quick escape from ISO that isn’t too far from home, Ku-ring-gai is for you. Beautiful walking tracks with even more beautiful bays. We’ll be back for SURE.




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